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Midwest Bluegrass Festival Welcome to Our Site!

Midwest Bluegrass Festivals website will be completed and retired the end of this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our "sincere thanks" to all who helped make our journey in this music such a rich and memorable experience. Fans, bands, event producers, media contacts, members of professional music organizations and host sites have played a big part in ensuring that Bluegrass Music, at it's best, was heard here in the mid-west.

For 28 years, over 180 festivals and concerts, we've been privileged to be involved in this business, bringing many hours of bluegrass music to this part of the country. We've had the pleasure to meet and work with such wonderful people here and in other countries. We will cherish these memories and count it a blessing to know some of the nicest people in any musical setting.

While we no longer will be able to participate in Bluegrass Music as in the past, we will always remain supportive of new emerging talent as well as the seasoned veterans who bring joy to so many. May the banjo forever ring and may you continue to share in this true American art form of music, Bluegrass.

Terry & Jan Lease
Midwest Bluegrass Festivals

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There are no upcoming festivals at this time.

There are no upcoming festivals at this time.

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